Complete your ACC Coaching Credential training requirement in just two weekends

Life Coach Workshops, Inc., with its corporate headquarters in Southern California, USA, is committed to the development and delivery of coach training programs accredited by the International Coach Federation - the ICF.

  • Each workshop is ICF-accredited for 30 training hours.

  • Start with Foundations One.  Learn & practice the ICF 11 Core Coaching Competencies.

  • Advance to Foundations Two.  Build your coaching confidence and proficiency.

  • Workshops are live-in-person, Friday-Sunday.

  • Together, Foundations One & Foundations Two fulfill the ICF 60-hour credential requirement.

Life Coach Workshops Coach Training Programs Are Presented Live-In-Person

Through an immersive, accelerated learning experience, we help aspiring personal and business coaches become proficient in the ICF 11 Core Coaching Competencies model, a globally-recognized standard in the coaching industry.

Our Programs Are 100% Coach-Centric.  

We teach basic knowledge and application of the ICF 11 Core Coaching Competencies model, preparing students for the Coaching Knowledge Assessment (CKA) examination, the final step in attaining an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coach Federation.  We equip future coaches with clear, definable tools, an immersive and enjoyable learning environment, and comprehensive student support on the path to ICF credentialing.

Foundations One & Two:  Fast & Focused  

In three full days of live training, future coaches emerge confident, with demonstratable skills and knowledge of the core competencies.  New learning is anchored in a variety of ways: through discussion, Q&A, demonstration, videos, exercises, practice in small groups, and instructor feedback.  Life Coach Workshops “live-in-person” format is experiential and accelerated, providing a deep dive into coaching that involves all the senses in a dynamic, group learning environment.  In two programs over six total training days, you will achieve what many online programs take six months to deliver and complete the ICF education requirement for an ACC coaching credential.

Professionally Designed, ICF-Accredited  

Well-researched and thoughtfully created, Life Coach Workshops training programs result from the open collaboration of many talented individuals.  Foundations One & Foundations Two have undergone the rigors of the International Coach Federation accreditation process.  We continually update our curriculum to reflect the latest coaching industry standards and the wisdom and ideas that come forth from our global coaching community.

Foundations One was a perfect introduction to coaching and the ICF model. Life Coach Workshops provided clarity, support, and an excellent atmosphere of learning and camaraderie.
— Lynn W. | San Francisco, CA