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Foundations Two:
Builds clarity, courage, & confidence

This is our second workshop, accredited by the ICF for 30 training hours.

Foundations Two completes your ICF credential 60-hour training requirement when combined with Foundations One.

In Foundations Two, You'll Get Comfortable with Coaching

Foundations Two is where the “rubber meets the road.”  It’s a place where the ICF 11 core competencies learned in Foundations One are put into action.


Immersed in real-world coaching scenarios in a learning lab environment, aspiring coaches make the jump from theory to practice.  Foundations Two is all about the application of knowledge.  You are challenged and supported to coach and be coached.  The results speak for themselves:  An emergence from learning, into clarity, courage, and the confidence to step fully into powerful coaching.

The prerequisite for Foundations Two is the successful completion of Foundations One or the ability to demonstrate clear understanding of the 11 Core Coaching Competencies model.  The course is recommended for individuals pursuing an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the ICF.

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Foundations Two Outcomes

  • 30 additional hours of ICF-accredited coach training

  • Together with Foundations One, fulfills the ICF education requirement of 60 total training hours for an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential

  • Effective application of the 11 core competencies in a coaching session

  • A clear enhancement in the ability to listen and understand information

  • The ability to ask relevant, powerful questions that cause deeper contemplation

  • Comfort in building trust & rapport

  • Understanding how to manage progress and hold the client accountable

  • Preparation for the Coaching Knowledge Assessment (CKA) credentialing exam

The Foundations Two Experience

We begin the weekend with a comprehensive review of the ICF 11 core competencies, originally learned and practiced in Foundations One.  Whether you attend back-to-back Foundations training weekends or practice coaching for months before attending Foundations Two, you benefit from Day One, dedicated to Clarity.

We start by going back to the basics in a group format, discussing the competencies and sharing personal experience from our practice coaching sessions.  Uncertainty is cleared up and all  questions are answered.  By the end of Day One, there is no ambiguity.  You are prepared to dive deep into Day Two, clear and ready.


Think of it as your own coaching Hero's Journey.  The theme of Day Two is Courage.  The arena is the coaching session.  You engage one-on-one and in small groups, equipped with clarity and support from fellow coaching students and your coach instructor.  Each person is asked to come to Foundations Two with the authentic desire not just to coach, but to be coached.  Learning occurs in both directions as we employ all of the ICF 11 Core Competencies from beginning to end in coaching sessions throughout the day.  The coaching topics and scenarios are real.  Ethics and confidentiality, as in every coaching session, are maintained at the highest level in accordance with ICF standards.  The Hero's Journey always ends well in a Life Coach Workshops program.  With clarity, courage, and the heavy-lifting of Day Two behind us, book-learning is transformed into usable skills that emerge in Foundations Two.

Day Three:  Confidence.  We look back over the the previous coaching-intensive day, where breakthroughs in knowledge and skills occur.  We review, discuss, and delve into more coaching practice.  Later in the day, we talk about coaching as a profession -- where opportunities lay in both personal and business coaching; what coaches earn; and the importance of ICF-certification for credibility, particularly in corporate coaching.  After immersion in six training days and two Foundations workshop weekends, Confidence occurs naturally.


The Coaching Knowledge Assessment is often the highlight of discussions in Foundations Two.  We encourage questions and open communication in a casually professional and highly authentic atmosphere.  Whether you're a corporate leader bringing new coaching tools to the workplace or someone in career transition, by the end of Day Three, coaching is demystified and you graduate from Foundations Two with tangible knowledge and the skill to apply it.  The completion of Foundations Two signifies a major achievement toward ICF credentialing and your completion of 60 hours of ICF-accredited coach training from Life Coach Workshops.