A strong foundation in coaching basics

Foundations One.  Accredited by the International Coach Federation for 30 training hours toward an Associate Certified Coach credential.  

In Foundations One, Learn the ICF’s 11 Core Coaching Competencies, the Model Used by ICF-Certified Coaches Worldwide.


Foundations One provides clear understanding of the competencies and basic proficiency in their application to both personal and business coaching.  The weekend includes teaching, discussion, Q&A, demonstrations, and hands-on coaching practice and feedback under the guidance of an ICF-certified professional coach instructor.

There are no-prerequisites for Foundations One.  The course is recommended for individuals exploring the field of professional coaching and is required for advancement to Foundations Two. 


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Foundations One Outcomes

  • Complete 30 hours of ICF-Accredited instructional training

  • Learn the ICF 11 Core Coaching Competencies coaching model

  • Gain proficiency in the application of the model to coaching sessions

  • Practice in-person with others, in real coaching sessions with personal topics

  • Build personal strength and confidence with a strong foundation in the basics of coaching

  • Graduate as a Certified Professional Life Coach and move on to Foundations Two to complete your ICF training requirement

  • Create a coach buddy support team for practice

  • Be well prepared for the Coaching Knowledge Assessment (CKA) exam

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Learning Grounded in Practice: The Heart of Foundations One Coach Training

The Foundations One learning experience begins with an introduction to each of the ICF 11 Core Coaching Competencies.  We explore and examine the competencies through instructor presentation, group discussion, exercises, Q&A, and most importantly, practice throughout the weekend.

Learn.  Practice.  Repeat.  

The environment is one of support and confidentiality, akin to the professional relationship between coach and client.  We ask each participant to come to the workshop with one or two topics on which to be coached.  Foundations One is a coach learning laboratory.  We experiment, probe, and integrate the competencies by using them.  The training leader offers critical feedback to each and every student, allowing aspiring coaches to fine-tune in small steps toward the goal of proficiency.  No form of coach training is more immediate and effective than a live workshop.  Coaching is about human interaction.  Foundations One employs the latest teaching technologies in an old-school learning environment - person to person.


What You Will Learn in Foundations One

  • How to apply the ICF 11 Core Coaching Competencies in real-world coaching sessions

  • Deep listening and coaching presence – staying in the conversation

  • Powerful questioning that propels exploration and discovery

  • Communicating clearly and directly while remaining emotionally neutral

  • Recognizing the "epiphany" - the turning point in the coaching session

  • How to help the client to create a measurable action plan that promotes progress

  • Accountability in the coaching relationship

  • Details on the ICF credentialing process, what to expect, and how to effectively prepare