About Life Coach Workshops

Life Coach Workshops, Inc., with its corporate headquarters in Southern California, USA, is dedicated to the development and delivery of ICF-Accredited coach training programs.  Our current workshops are Foundations One and Foundations Two, each accredited under the ACSTH program guidelines for 30 education hours.  Together, the workshops provide an accelerated, live-in-person coach training experience that fulfills the ICF educational requirement for an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential.

About Our Programs

Life Coach Workshops Foundations One & Foundations Two are 100% Coach-Centric.  We teach basic knowledge and application of the ICF 11 Core Coaching Competencies model, preparing students for the Coaching Knowledge Assessment (CKA) examination, the final step in attaining an ACC coaching credential.  We equip future coaches with clear, definable tools, an immersive and enjoyable learning environment, and comprehensive student support on the path to ICF credentialing.  We encourage diversity, individuality of expression, and are dedicated to bringing out the best in our students by providing a strong, supportive training environment.

About our Founder, Kevin Glenn

Life Coach Workshops’ founder is Kevin Glenn, a veteran business executive, ICF-certified coach, trainer, entrepreneur, motivator, and visionary.  He loves to help people step into their authenticity and power.  Kevin is supported by a team of kind, intelligent, and committed people who foster connection and collaboration throughout the Life Coach Workshops experience.

A native of Southern California, Kevin has been married for nearly three decades, is a father of two sons, and an avid scuba diver with a deep love of the great outdoors.  He lives a simple philosophy:  Accept, be courageous, and move toward Happiness.  One of Kevin's loftier goals is to be a TED conference presenter. 

About the International Coach Federation (ICF)


The ICF is the world's largest professional coaching association, a non-profit organization that advances the science of coaching through research, ongoing education, and support.  Life Coach Workshops believes the ICF is a worldwide platinum-standard for coaching, with the development and proliferation of the ICF 11 Core Coaching Competencies model.  Our Foundations One and Foundations Two coach training programs are accredited by the International Coach Federation, together providing 60 hours of ICF-approved training that fulfills the ACC coaching credential education requirement.