The pathway to ICF-Credentialing begins here

Foundations One & Foundations Two:  The Coaches Toolbox.

Start with the basics and explore the field of coaching with Foundations One.  No prerequisite or prior experience required.  Accredited by the ICF for 30 hours, Foundations One introduces the 11 core coaching competencies in a step-by-step learning progression.  In Foundations Two, knowledge is grounded through intensive practice and deeper exploration of the coaching competencies with an additional 30 accredited training hours.

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Dedicated Coach Instructors

More than just teachers, our ICF-Certified coach instructors have deep, real-world experience in personal and business coaching.  We hail from a variety of professions including corporate leadership, training & development, and education.  Central to our team values is the motivation to bring out the best in people, leveraging individual strengths, capitalizing on learning opportunities, and providing a high benchmark for the coach training industry.

Experiential Learning

In the live training environment, questions can be answered immediately, bringing quick-clarity and momentum to the learning process.  We practice throughout the weekend in pairs and small groups, benefiting from instructor feedback to fine-tune our new coaching skills.  There are discussions, explorations, and spontaneity.  Each student is asked to bring two or three topics to be coached on.  In Foundations One & Two, coaching practice is about real-life, in a supportive and confidential environment.  It is where you anchor what you are learning.


Just the Basics

We created Foundations One & Foundations Two to provide aspiring coaches with knowledge of the basics and the ability to effectively apply them.  We don’t digress into other areas outside of coaching, as some training programs do.  The focus of Life Coach Workshops programs is to foster learning and build proficiency with the ICF coaching model.  The ultimate goal is to prepare our coaches for ICF credentialing.

Get Ready for the CKA Exam  

The final step in the ACC coach certification process is the Coaching Knowledge Assessment (CKA) test.  You will have three hours to answer 155 questions.  The CKA exam requires knowledge, context, and the ability to apply what you have learned to real-world coaching situations.  Foundations One & Foundations Two thoroughly prepare you for successful completion of the CKA.

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Build Your Coaching Buddy Alliance

A key part of the ICF credentialing process is the requirement for 100 practice coaching hours.  Attending a Life Coach Workshops program puts you in direct contact and connection with a diverse group of aspiring coaches – aka, “coaching buddies.”  Together, you build your skills in the workshop.  Afterwards, the experience carries forward into a natural support system for coaching practice.  Many coaching buddies schedule weekly practice to accumulate their logged hours.